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Angie Mosteller: Christian Origins of Halloween

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Published on 10/22/2014

Host: Greg Koukl

Greg and guest Angie Mosteller talk about the Christian origins of Halloween, then Greg talks about Houston vs. Pastors, how to show Protestantism is more biblical than Catholicism, and more.


  • Guest: Angie Mosteller - Christian Origins of Halloween (00:00)
  • How should Christians respond to Houston’s subpoenaing pastors? (00:45)
  • Houston vs. Pastors (01:00)
  • What does the Bible teach on divorce and remarriage? (01:28)
  • Is grace irresistible? (01:44)
  • Can Satan repent? (02:02)
  • How do you show Protestantism is more biblical than Catholicism? (02:18)
  • Is open theism heretical? (02:44)