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Ancient New Testament Manuscripts

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Published on 12/10/2013

Host: Greg Koukl

Greg talks about ancient new testament manuscripts, the relationship between Jonathan and David, how to determine biblical meaning, and more.



  • Commentary: Ancient New Testament Manuscripts (00:00)
  • What was the relationship between Jonathan and David? (00:25)
  • How do you determine biblical meaning? (00:48)
  • Commentary: Movies and Worldviews (01:00)
  • What do you do when someone isn’t persuaded by a good argument? (01:19)
  • What subject matter is appropriate for Christian artists to represent? (01:37)
  • How do you respond to a brother who claims he’s a woman? (02:01)
  • How do fallible people get an infallible interpretation from the Bible? (02:20)
  • When is it appropriate to bring up controversial issues with other Christians? (02:30)
  • How do you discuss apologetic issues with family members? (02:40)
  • Will we have the ability to sin in Heaven? (02:51)

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