All You Need to Help People Rethink Abortion Is Clarity on These Three Questions

Author Amy K. Hall Published on 06/04/2014

Scott Klusendorf spoke on “How to Make the Case for Life in a Post-Christian Culture” as part of Impact 360’s speaker series, and it’s a great video to watch and pass on to others. Here’s the encouragement Scott gives at the beginning:

When it comes to an issue like abortion or an issue like killing embryos for medical research, many of you feel that you’ve been dropped into an environment where you’re in way over your head, you’re outgunned, and you wonder if you have what it takes to be a faithful witness for Jesus Christ on a key human rights issue of our day....

I want to talk today about how we bring moral clarity on an issue like abortion when we’re in a culture that thinks truth can’t be known on it. And I want to focus our attention on three questions in particular. And my contention is that if you have clarity on these three questions, you will be equipped to engage on this issue.

You don’t need a Ph.D. in philosophy, you don’t need a master’s degree, you don’t even need a bachelor’s degree, I don’t even care if you have a high school degree. If you have clarity on these three questions, I’m convinced God can use you to start a conversation....

These are the three crucial questions Scott clarifies in the video:

1. What is the unborn?
2. What makes us valuable as human beings?
3. What’s our duty in all of this?

If you enjoyed this, I also recommend Jay Richards’s Impact 360 talk on “How to End Poverty in Ten Tough Steps.” All of the videos of their past speakers are available here.