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All Cosmological Views Have Metaphysical Significance

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Published on 04/12/2019

Greg talks about religion and science, then he takes calls on being restored after adultery, Catholicism, explaining the gospel to a person with autism, men having an opinion on abortion, and a CEO taking a position on LGBT issues.


  • If a pastor commits a sin like adultery, can he be restored to the pastorate? (18:00)
  • If Jesus is the only way, why is it okay for Catholics to say there are other ways to be saved? (28:00)
  • How can I explain the gospel to someone who is more concrete-minded? (38:00)
  • How should I respond to the argument that men shouldn’t have a say when it comes to abortion? (46:00)
  • How should I respond to the argument made by my CEO that because the LGBT community is persecuted, the company should express its support? (50:00)

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