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Advent: Preparing for Christmas

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Published on 12/03/2012

Greg talks about saving a baby from abortion, preparing for Christmas, book recommendations for gifts, then answers questions on what is the order of conversion and discipleship, the church being hypocritical and corrupt, and more.


  • Commentary: Saving a Baby from Abortion (00:00:00)
  • What is the order of conversion and discipleship? (00:20:42)
  • How much did Jesus suffer on the cross? (00:45:45)
  • Commentary: Advent: Preparing for Christmas (00:54:24)
  • Is someone with persistent sin still a Christian? (01:19:06)
  • The church is hypocritical and corrupt. (01:27:59)
  • Advice about changing churches. (01:43:08)
  • Commentary: Book Recommendations for Gifts (01:52:20)
  • Advent suggestion (02:14:06)
  • How do you make ethical end of life decisions? (02:24:17)
  • Rebuttal to previous caller (02:44:29)