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A Christmas Poem

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Published on 12/20/2023

Greg reads a Christmas poem, then he answers questions about being required to ask patients for their pronouns and “sex assigned at birth,” a biblical perspective on extreme sports and dealing with the pitfalls of fame in a sports career, and whether people need to hear the gospel to be saved.


  • Commentary: A Christmas poem (00:00)
  • What should I do about the new patient intake forms at the Catholic hospital where I work that require me to ask people for their pronouns and “sex assigned at birth” and put the answers on their chart? (10:00)
  • Does the Bible have anything to say about participating in extreme sports? How should a person deal with the pitfalls of fame in sports, and would a career in sports be okay? (29:00)
  • If people in the Old Testament were saved by faith without hearing of Jesus, does that still occur today, and does Acts 17:30–31 address that? (46:00)

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