Sexuality and Gender

A Biased Perspective on Pro-Gay Theology

Author Alan Shlemon Published on 03/13/2018

If you haven’t seen Christopher Yuan share his story and testimony, I encourage you to see it sometime. It’s amazing. I’ve heard it several times since we’ve had him speak at our reTHINK Apologetics conferences. It’s a story of God’s grace and redeeming power.

Christopher spent his early life partying, selling drugs, and satisfying same-sex sexual desires. He had it all, from his perspective. Then everything changed. Federal agents showed up at his door (because of his drug dealing), and he went to prison.

But I’m not trying to tell you his story. Rather, I want to share an interesting thought he had when he was in prison. Although he was given a Bible, he was also given a book explaining how the Bible could be interpreted to affirm homosexuality. If he wanted to become a Christian, here was an easy way to meld his old life with a new faith. He said he had every reason to accept that interpretation and buy that argument. But he didn’t. He said he couldn’t. The argument was too weak and that interpretation too strained, he said. He wasn’t biased against pro-gay theology. If anything, he would have been biased for it. Remember, he wasn’t trying to fit a traditional, conservative Christian mold.

Since his time in prison, he has further studied this question (at the graduate level) and has come to the same conclusion. What an amazing story of how God took hold of a life and transformed it completely!