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#STRask: They’re Only Christians Because They Were Indoctrinated at a Young Age

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Published on 10/05/2023

Questions about whether most Christians are only Christians because they were indoctrinated at a young age, whether getting pregnant out of wedlock was “just God’s plan,” underlining text in books, and whether we should always find something new in the Bible when we read it.


  • How would you respond to someone who argues that since 60% of American Christians came to their faith between the ages of four and fourteen, that means most people in the church are only Christians because parents and churches indoctrinated them at a young age?
  • How should one respond when someone who got pregnant out of wedlock says, “I guess it was just God’s plan”?
  • Do you ever underline or highlight text in a book you’re reading, or do you always use pencil to allow for changes?
  • Preachers say the Bible is a living book wherein you always find something new, yet I seem to only keep hearing the same thing.