#STRask: November 23, 2015

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Published on 11/23/2015

Greg Koukl answers questions in 4 minutes or less about Jesus’ second coming, the Trinity, sanctification, school policies regarding transgender children, and ISIS.


  • Can we say that Jesus’ second coming is imminent? Is there anything that must happen before he comes back?
  • How do you talk about the Trinity to a child ages 6-8 without sounding like a modalist, partialist, or trithiest?
  • If we are regenerate and becoming a new creation, why does sanctification take so long?
  • How should we respond to new school policies that allow transgender children to use opposite-sex bathrooms and locker rooms?
  • Isn’t a “gendered bathrooms defend against predators” argument against trans-bathroom use weak/red herring/divisive/ad hominem?
  • How do you respond to those who say we just have to love ISIS/show them a better way/offensive action will harm innocents?