#STRask: March 7, 2016

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Published on 03/07/2016

Greg talks about whether Adam and Eve are in Hell, sovereignty and responsibility, divorce, the existence of time, spiritual warfare, and the theology of the apostles.


  • Do you think Adam and Eve are in Hell?
  • How do you resolve the tension between divine sovereignty and human responsibility?
  • Does Matt 19:8-9 mean an unfaithful spouse who is divorced must stay single unless reunited with their (possibly remarried) spouse?
  • Prior to Big Bang, time did not exist, except perhaps in the mind of God. Now that time does exist, will it continue eternally?
  • Is there really spiritual warfare that us humans can engage in, or is it a just bunch of out of context mumbo jumbo?
  • Do you think the apostles had totally accurate theology? Or only when divinely inspired?