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#STRask: Is It Okay to Disobey Authority in Order to Protect Yourself?

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Published on 04/18/2022

Questions about whether it’s okay for a Christian in prison to disobey the rules against fighting in order to protect himself, whether Jesus raised himself from the dead or was raised, if manna was really sap from the tamarisk tree, and the possibility of becoming a different kind of “soil” in terms of the parable of the soils.


  • Would it be wrong to tell an incarcerated Christian convert that it’s okay to disobey the prison rules against fighting in order to protect himself?
  • Did Jesus raise himself from the dead, or was he raised from the dead?
  • Was the manna from Heaven a miraculous event, or was it sap from the tamarisk tree?
  • Regarding the parable of the soils, can someone start as one type of soil but become another type later in their life?