#STRask: How Can We Square God’s Desire for All to Be Saved with the Existence of Hell?

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Published on 09/20/2021

Questions about God wanting all to be saved, taking seriously a profession of faith from a child, whether it’s better to be in a church with good doctrine that lacks community or vice versa, and whether Christians should be looking for the signs in the stars mentioned in the Bible.


  • If God wants all to be saved, how does this square with Hell or annihilationism, and does his perfect justice prevent him from getting what he most desires?
  • When do you take seriously a profession of faith from a child?
  • All else being equal, is it better to be at a church where you agree with every single doctrine, but the community isn’t close-knit, or a church where the community is terrific, but you disagree on some non-essentials?
  • Are the signs from the stars (mentioned in Genesis 1:14, Jeremiah 10:2, and Luke 21:25) ever specified, and should we as Christians be looking for them?