Why Do Other Religions Emphasize Works for Salvation?

In Christianity, salvation is a gift rather than a reward for works. Alan shares why Christianity is different from many other religions in this way.


00:07 I've been asked, why do you think there's an emphasis

00:09 on human works as a key to salvation

00:12 in other religions?

00:13 And the answer seems to me straight forward, and that is,

00:16 there's an emphasis on human works because all other religions are human made.

00:21 You see, I think human beings by nature think that good work qualifies you for rewards.

00:27 That's how many systems in society operate today.

00:29 For example, you do good work at school, and you're rewarded with good grades, which of

00:34 course helps you get a good job.

00:36 You work hard at your job, and you get a good payoff.

00:39 You work hard in your marriage or in your friendships, and of course your relationships

00:43 will improve.

00:44 So if all other religions are man made, then I'm not surprised that this works-reward system

00:51 would find itself in religions and specifically in the requirements for salvation.

00:57 And I think this is actually an indication for how we know that Christianity isn't man made.

01:02 Because if someone was going to invent their own religion, they wouldn't think of making

01:05 God do the work to save people.

01:08 It wouldn't make sense for them to invent a God who pursues

01:11 the very people who are his enemy.

01:14 They wouldn't think of making God

01:15 sacrifice himself to save sinful humans.

01:18 But that's what Christianity says, and that to me is at least an indication that we're

01:23 not talking about a man made system.

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Alan Shlemon