Why Do Christians Fight Against Euthanasia Laws?

Alan responds to the question: If going to Heaven is so great, why do Christians want to prolong unhappy life on Earth?


00:06 The challenge question I was asked recently is this: If going to Heaven is so great, why

00:11 do Christians fight against euthanasia laws?

00:13 And I would say that's because it's wrong to use an evil means to secure a good end.

00:19 You see, although going to Heaven is certainly a good thing, killing an innocent human being

00:24 in order to get them there is morally wrong.

00:27 So for example, it's wrong to kill an innocent human being in order to harvest their heart

00:32 and to put it into someone who needs a new heart to live.

00:35 In that case, an evil means is used to achieve a good end, and that's not right to do.

00:41 Now of course, my answer to this question presumes a certain definition of euthanasia.

00:47 In this case, I'm defining it as the intentional killing of an innocent human being without

00:52 their consent because it is believed to end their suffering from a disease or injury.

00:58 Now the key point is that the cause of their death is not from the disease or the injury

01:03 but by the hand of the doctor or whoever takes their life.

01:06 In other words, I'm making a distinction from terminating life support where we take a person

01:12 who is brain dead off the machines that keep their body alive.

01:16 Based on this definition, euthanasia would be a sin because it entails killing an innocent

01:21 human being.

01:22 And that's one main reason why Christians fight against euthanasia laws.

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Alan Shlemon