Love Needs an Education

Greg offers thoughts on what true, biblical love is versus the kind of love that simply makes people feel good.




0:00 In Philippians chapter 1 Paul says that

0:03 our love should abound in real knowledge

0:07 and discernment.

0:10 Hmm. Boy, that's something that has

0:12 application for today that love needs a

0:16 theological education. That is, just

0:20 loving, just feeling compassionate

0:23 towards someone, and then oftentimes

0:25 giving them what they want, is not always

0:28 a Christian virtue. This I think

0:32 is most obvious in those circumstances

0:34 where, with the issue of homosexuality,

0:37 and same-sex marriage, and the like, where

0:40 children of parents who are Christians

0:42 come out as gay, the parents begin to

0:46 have a change of theological mind with

0:49 regards to their son or

0:52 daughter's sexual activity. And in a one

0:56 sense it's understanding because this is

0:58 hitting really close to home, but this is

1:01 why I think Paul says as followers of

1:03 Christ that our love should abound in

1:06 real knowledge and discernment. That is,

1:09 there are times when we approve of

1:12 things that are not right under the

1:16 guise of love. We're just being loving and

1:18 we're just being accepting. Love guided

1:23 rather by knowledge and discernment is

1:26 what God is asking for here. And

1:29 sometimes we just have to say, "I love you

1:34 and that will never change, but I cannot

1:37 approve of the lifestyle behaviors that

1:40 you're involved with because those

1:42 things are wrong." The most dramatic

1:45 statement of love in the entire

1:47 scriptures is found in first Corinthians

1:51 13 as it identifies all of the qualities

1:54 of the virtue of love, and one of those

1:56 is that love does not rejoice in

2:00 unrighteousness. So even love needs to be

2:06 theologically informed. It should

2:09 abound in knowledge and discernment

2:12 so that genuine love affirms the things

2:16 that God affirms and condemns the things

2:21 that God condemns. Even though we have a

2:24 posture of grace and mercy we still must

2:28 be faithful to the truth. That's love

2:30 abounding in real knowledge and

2:33 discernment.

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Greg Koukl