How Do You Revisit the Gospel with Someone Who Won't Listen?

Alan shares how to continue a Gospel-centered conversation with a friend or family member who says, "Enough of that!"


00:02 How do you revisit the Gospel with someone who says, "Enough of that!"

00:10 The answer to this question hinges on what happened during your interaction to

00:14 cause the person to respond to the Gospel in that way. And that's why we at

00:18 Stand to Reason try to focus on helping Christians become better at being a

00:22 certain kind of person. We call that person an ambassador. And the reason we

00:26 call them an ambassador is because the Bible tells us in 2 Corinthians 5:20

00:30 that we're all ambassadors for Christ, and we believe, therefore, that you need

00:34 three essential skills to be an effective ambassador: knowledge, wisdom,

00:39 and character. Knowledge is the content of what you say. That is, the substance of

00:45 the Gospel. You have to get the correct facts about what God's message is to those

00:49 who have not accepted His pardon. And this requires simple reading, it requires

00:53 learning, and memorization of the message of reconciliation that comes through

00:57 Jesus. Now, the second skill, wisdom, has to do with how you package the contents of

01:03 the Gospel message. You can't just dump your knowledge on people, you have to

01:07 know how to communicate what you know. And so this skill ensures that the

01:11 Gospel is clearly and persuasively articulated to another person. Now the

01:16 third skill, character, has to do with the manner in which you tell a person the

01:20 Gospel because even if your knowledge and your wisdom is impeccable, but you

01:25 come across like a jerk, it won't matter then because your poor conversational

01:30 character will completely undermine the Gospel message.

01:33 Now, I'm not assuming that you dropped the ball in one of those three skills,

01:36 I'm simply trying to help you evaluate what you might do before you revisit the

01:41 Gospel with someone. So ask yourself this question, "How did I do in those three

01:47 ambassador skills when I share the Gospel?" Now, either you did well, or you

01:51 did not. If you feel you did well, then maybe there's nothing you did to drive

01:56 them away. It could just be that they reject the Gospel itself. After all,

02:00 Scripture describes the Gospel as offensive and a stumbling block, and so

02:05 therefore, pray and wait for another opportunity later. Also, remember that

02:09 it's God's job to convict people of sin and save them, not yours.

02:13 It's your job to be a faithful ambassador, to share the truth in a

02:16 persuasive yet gracious manner, then leave the results up to God. If, however,

02:21 you feel like you dropped the ball in one or more of those three areas, then you

02:26 need to evaluate which ambassador skills you need to improve. And not only will

02:30 that help you when you revisit the Gospel with your friend,

02:32 it will also positively affect every relationship you have.

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Alan Shlemon