How Do I Develop a Passion for the Bible?

Greg shares how to make Bible reading more than a chore.


00:00 There's no guarantee to develop a passion for reading the Bible, but here's

00:05 a trick that will help.

00:10 There's no question that one of the most important

00:12 things to stabilize our life as a Christian and ambassador for Christ is

00:18 regular, thoughtful, productive times in Scripture, in God's Word, because the Word

00:25 continues to remind us of what reality is like. Now, I understand that sometimes

00:33 that can be a chore, and people don't have a passion for that kind of thing.

00:38 Now, I cannot guarantee that you'll ever have a passion for this. Some people do,

00:42 some people don't. But I have an idea how it could become more enjoyable, or

00:47 maybe easier, and it's something that I do myself for this reason. And that is, I

00:53 have a plan. If you're going to be a follower of Christ, it is critical that

00:57 you take the whole counsel of God in on a regular basis. Wow, you mean the whole

01:04 Bible? Yes, I mean the whole Bible. On a regular basis? Yes, I mean on a regular

01:08 basis. And specifically, I mean that we need to be in the practice of reading

01:14 through the entire scriptures and then starting all over.

01:18 Now many people have a Bible through the year kind of deal, or

01:22 Bible in a year, you can google that idea, and you can get forms that will allow

01:27 you to check off what you've read. That's what I do.

01:30 And, I don't do it in a year though. It might take me two years, it might

01:34 take me three years, but I'll just tell you, it becomes much more satisfying

01:39 for me to be able to work through the entire thing in a progressive way and

01:45 check off the days and the reading assignments as I go along,

01:50 okay. Does that mean I have a passion for the Word? Not necessarily. Sometimes I'm

01:55 passionate, sometimes I'm not. I still need to

02:00 have regular meals from the Word of Life. And that's one way that you might

02:05 practice to help you do that more effectively.

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Greg Koukl