Apologetics Is Simply a Means to This End

Apologetics Tip #3: If you could move the conversation with your non-Christian friends in any direction, what would you talk about? Alan offers insight. 

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00:04 Here's your apologetics tip of the day. Focus on the Gospel, not on apologetic

00:10 arguments. You know, sometimes we're so eager to try out our arguments that we

00:14 initiate discussions about some apologetic subject as if that's the most

00:18 important thing to discuss. It's not. Right, if you have the opportunity to

00:23 bring up the Gospel, that matters more than any other subject. Now, if they

00:27 reject the Gospel for some reason, then you can use your apologetics to address

00:31 their concern. Remember, apologetics is not an end in

00:35 itself. The end is the Gospel, and apologetics is simply a means to that

00:40 end, and it can help you remove obstacles that people might have that keep them

00:44 from accepting Christ. So if you're in a conversation, and you can lead the

00:48 discussion in any direction, lead them to understand what Christ has done for

00:53 them. That's your apologetics tip of the day.

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Alan Shlemon