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The Pro-Life Mission

How do you create confidence in Christians who are able to share their pro-life convictions with anyone? Here’s a hint: It takes a lot more than a lecture, but it’s worth it. That’s what I did this summer with 45 high school students on the pro-life mission.

Article | Bio-Ethics | Alan Shlemon | August 8, 2016

Are Homosexuals Born that Way?

Is there a "gay gene," and should it change our view of homosexual behavior if there is? To many people, saying that homosexuals are born that way is as axiomatic as saying the earth revolves around the sun. No rational reason exists to reject this claim. The only hold-outs, it is said, are those who are either ignorant of scientific facts, homophobic, or bigots (read: Christians). But this claim is beset with problems. Before we consider them, let me make a tactical suggestion.

Article | Bio-Ethics | Alan Shlemon | March 5, 2013

The Most Important Social Justice Issue of Our Time

Abortion is unjustly denying the most fundamental human right to thousands of human beings every day, and we should act to restore justice. It's abortion.

Article | Bio-Ethics | Brett Kunkle | March 5, 2013

Why I Am Pro-life

Should you be pro-life?  To answer this, you must answer the question “What is the unborn?”

Article | Bio-Ethics | Brett Kunkle | March 5, 2013