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Why Abortion Is Unjust Discrimination

Here's why the abortion-choice argument is unjust discrimination: The S.L.E.D. test originally comes from Stephen Schwarz in the first chapter of his book, The Moral Question of Abortion.

Article | Bio-Ethics | STR | October 20, 2015

A Brief on the Transhumanist Movement

The goal of this essay is to present a comprehensive picture of the Transhumanist movement. We will examine the history of the assumptions and principles behind Transhumanist thought. Then we will analyze it within the standard framework of ideological thought. We will also discuss why it matters and see its growing influence in popular culture, politics, science, and even in big business. Finally, we will propose a balanced Christian response. Definition

Article | Bio-Ethics | STR | October 19, 2015

Cosmic Junk?

Greg's response to a letter which asserted there is no qualitative difference between animals and humans.

Article | Bio-Ethics | Greg Koukl | April 22, 2013

The Vanishing Pro-Life Apologist

There's a growing taboo infecting crisis pregnancy centers around the country. Pro-lifers are getting tight-lipped on abortion. Here's why even CPC's are shying away from speaking frankly about the moral crime of the century. The last few years have witnessed a stunning development in the pro-life movement. More and more crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) refuse to discuss abortion. A new wave of pro-life leaders insist that victory will not be gained in the court of public opinion if the debate centers principally on the morality of abortion.

Article | Apologetics | Greg Koukl | April 3, 2013

Pro-Life: The Epitome of Baloney

A caller referred to Greg's views on when life begins as "the epitome of baloney." Here's Greg's response. It certainly isn't the case that I don't like opposing viewpoints. We have them all the time. In fact, the caller knew that he was put at the head of the line because his viewpoint opposed mine. I enjoy callers with opposing viewpoints. But let me respond to him and to what he called the "epitome of my own baloney."

Article | Bio-Ethics | Greg Koukl | March 30, 2013

Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Means and Ends

I want to talk to you about an idea, a concept - the underlying moral principles that drive ideas. My deep concern about our nation is that there is radical confusion, not just in the population in general, but in the church in particular, about how to do moral thinking. One of the most immediate examples of such a thing is the area of embryonic stem cell research and cloning. You know that Congress is debating right now whether to allow human cloning or not, and whether to allow the cloning of embryonic stem cells for research. Actually those are both the exact same issue.

Article | Bio-Ethics | Greg Koukl | March 10, 2013