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October Newsletters: Faith, Abortion, and Youth Ministry

Tim’s, Alan’s, and Brett’s October newsletters are now posted on the website:

Blog Post | Apologetics | Amy K. Hall | October 27, 2015

Challenge: Isn’t Selling Organs for Research a Good Thing?

Today’s challenge is from a question Alan received on Facebook: Even though abortion is wrong, isn’t selling the tissue and organs to further medical research a good thing? Aren’t we at least making something good out of a bad situation? How would you respond to this? Let us know in the comments below. To hear Alan’s answer, be back here on Thursday to see his video.

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Amy K. Hall | October 6, 2015

Challenge: You're Not Adopting Babies

Since this week marks the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, today's challenge is a question a Planned Parenthood employee asked Alan during some pro-life apologetics field training he was doing with students on the streets of Portland*: "So, how many babies have you adopted?"  What's your response? Tell us what you think, and on Thursday we'll hear Alan's advice. 

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Amy K. Hall | January 21, 2014

Challenge: Pro-Choicers, Not Pro-Lifers, Decrease Abortion

The challenge this week comes from an article titled "How I Lost Faith in the Pro-Life Movement":

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Amy K. Hall | November 12, 2013

Challenge: Your Pro-Life Views Are Just Religious

The challenge this week is something that was recently said to Alan: Aren't you against abortion just because you're a Christian? You talk about abortion as if you're objectively evaluating the morality of it. But in reality it's your religious views that make you against abortion, not science and not neutral unbiased rationale. If you were Alan, how would you have responded? As always, we want to hear your ideas in the comments below, and then Alan will post his video response on Thursday.

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Amy K. Hall | September 10, 2013