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Moral Factors to Take into Account if You’re Considering IVF

Infertility is a reality for many and can be unimaginably painful. We need God’s grace to help us walk through such pain, and we need God’s truth to help us navigate the possible road ahead.

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Brett Kunkle | February 7, 2017

Coming to Theaters: October Baby

Mark your calendars for March 23. That's when a new movie, October Baby, will hit movie screens.  I was able to preview the film last week and suggest you go see this one in the theater.  I'll be up front, it is a strong pro-life movie dealing head-on with abortion.  But it was powerful and compelling, without being preachy.  The message comes through loud and clear, but in a way that stirred my soul (yes, yes...I cried like 4 times -- it was intense).

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Brett Kunkle | February 27, 2012

Can We Make the Pro-Life Movement "Cool?"

Check out part one of my discussion with the Life Training Institute crew, in their most recent podcast.

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Brett Kunkle | December 15, 2009

Klusendorf on the CatholicVote Video

I've enjoyed "listening" to the discussion yesterday's post generated.  Scott Klusendorf, pro-life master jedi, has weighed in with some wise thoughts that speak to the value of the video:

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Brett Kunkle | February 4, 2009

The Video Sends the Wrong Pro-life Message has put out a compelling pro-life video. 

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Brett Kunkle | February 3, 2009

Abortion: We Must Continue to Ask One Question

I'm around like-minded Christians quite a bit, so I've got to be intentional to get out of my bubble.  And when I do, I am reminded that many Christians are not in touch with the wealth of resources, arguments and evidence for the Christian worldview.  I've begun blogging for Conversant Life so I'm cross-listing my posts there.  Last week I claimed abortion is the greate

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Brett Kunkle | January 30, 2009

The Most Important Social Justice Issue of our Time

It's abortion. I know, I know.  That's the least coolest thing I could've said.  If I really wanted to be a hip young evangelical, I would've said poverty or the environment or pointed to some need in Africa (and certainly, these are very important issues).  Recently, it’s been trendy to move away from “out-dated” and more volatile social issues like abortion or homosexuality.  Oh well.  I'm not much for being cool anyhow. 

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Brett Kunkle | January 23, 2009

Abortion Questions

Related to my last post, Scott Klusendorf has a question regarding abortion for Hillary Clinton and a question all Democratic candidates should have to answer. 

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Brett Kunkle | November 30, 2007