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Gifts, Talents, and Character

One of the resources I like best in Logos Bible Software is the library of Timothy Keller's sermons from over 20 years at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. I've been listening to sermons by Keller for a couple of years now, so when I saw they were releasing transcriptions, I was anxious to get them so that I could also read them.

Blog Post | Miscellaneous | Melinda Penner | April 29, 2014

Welcome to the Kingdom. Now What?

C. Michael Patton from Reclaiming the Mind and Credo House has written a great little book to help new believers become disciples – Now That I'm a Christian: What It Means to Follow Jesus. I say "little" book not to demean it or even because it's that much briefer than other books, but because it's not intimidating.

Blog Post | Miscellaneous | Melinda Penner | April 23, 2014

The Reformation

October 31 is Reformation and I think that Luther's Coat of Arms is an excellent representation of the Gospel of God's mercy.  The Reformation began with the question Martin Luther asked, “How do I obtain a gracious God?”  He discovered reading the book of Romans that it was a free gift from God through Jesus.  That good news is familiar to us today but it wasn't so in Luther's time, and that is the significance of the Reformation.  We know we can be reconciled with God through Jesus.

Blog Post | Miscellaneous | Melinda Penner | October 12, 2012