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The Pragmatic Benefits of God-Given Sexual Boundaries

A recent study reveals the damage done by the sexual revolution.

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Melinda Penner | November 17, 2017

Three Bad Arguments against Life Beginning at Conception

A recent article argues “3 Ways Science Proves Life Doesn’t Begin at Conception,” but what happens when you apply those same arguments to newborns?

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Amy K. Hall | November 16, 2017

#STRask - November 16, 2017

Greg’s on a timer and answers questions about attending church, myth and Jesus, and Isaac's blessing to Jacob.

Podcast Episode | Christianity & Culture | Greg Koukl | November 16, 2017

The Consequences of Putting Second Things First

A man who thought denying a young earth meant the rejection of Christianity ended up walking away from the Christian faith. What went wrong?

Blog Post | Miscellaneous | Tim Barnett | November 15, 2017

Standing Stronger Because You Give

A Thanksgiving Message from Stand to Reason

Video | Miscellaneous | Greg Koukl | November 14, 2017

Does “Destruction” Mean Annihilation?

When the Bible talks about people being “destroyed” in Hell, is that referring to complete non-existence?

Blog Post | Theology | Amy K. Hall | November 14, 2017

Does God's Law Demand Perfection?

Greg discusses the standard of God's law.    Transcript:  

Video | Theology | Greg Koukl | November 13, 2017

Does God's Law Demand Perfection? (Video)

Greg discusses the standard of God’s law.

Blog Post | Theology | Greg Koukl | November 13, 2017

#STRask - November 13, 2017

Greg has 4 min. to answer questions about the mind and brain relationship, God cursing the ground, and what the resurrection was for.

Podcast Episode | Philosophy | Greg Koukl | November 13, 2017

Your Life as an Apologetic for God’s Goodness

We need to be more intentional about sharing our lives with our neighbors so they can see who God is through us—through our good behavior as well as our moral failures.

Blog Post | Apologetics | Amy K. Hall | November 10, 2017