Robby's Speaking Topics

Apologetic Technique

Ambassadors for Christ
Every Christian doesn’t have the same gifting, but we are all called to be Ambassadors for Christ. In this talk, you will learn three aspects of being an effective Christian Ambassador.

Fear keeps many people from being effective Ambassadors for Christ. This talk is designed to give you a tactical gameplan for sharing your faith that will eliminate fear often accompanied with evangelism. You can be an effective witness for Jesus by using this tactical approach.



Friends, Foes, and Family
The claim that Jesus appeared to multiple people after his death is excellent proof of the Resurrection. But, when we investigate the different types of people that He appeared to, the case for the resurrection grows stronger. In this talk we will look at Jesus’ followers, his family, and even an enemy who all claimed that Jesus appeared to them risen from the dead.

500 Woman Died Following the Body (Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus)
Without the Resurrection of Jesus, Christianity is a failure. No single event in human history has seemed more chaotic yet brought more clarity than the resurrection of Jesus Christ. To be good ambassadors of our faith, we must give a good defense for why Jesus rose from the dead. In this breakout you will learn five pieces of evidence that build a strong case for the resurrection of Christ. You will also learn to easily remember these points and how to respond to common objections. If Jesus actually rose from the grave, we must be equipped to share the evidence for it.

Sunday Morning Worship = Evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection
What are the origins of Sunday morning worship of Jesus? Where did this tradition originate and why did it originate? Tracing the origin of Sunday morning worship gives us a strong argument that something significant must have happened on a Sunday morning in the 1st century. This event somehow compelled Jewish men to begin worshipping their Rabbi weekly. Could it be that this event was the Resurrection of Jesus?

Stolen Bodies, Hallucinations, and Legends, Oh My! (Debunking Common Objections to the Resurrection of Jesus)
Many attempts have been made to explain away the resurrection of Jesus. Some say Jesus’ body was stolen, and others say that his disciples hallucinated the resurrection appearances. Some propose that Jesus resurrection was actually folklore that developed over decades. In this talk, we will look at the most commons objections to Jesus’ resurrection and show that they are inadequate for answering the historical data.

Copycat: Is the Jesus story just ancient myths repackaged?
Some claim that the story of Jesus of Nazareth is a popular myth that has been told in many different world religions throughout human history. Are the details of Jesus life just a copycat of earlier pagan myths? In this talk we will look at the evidence behind the copycat claim and show that Jesus is actually completely different than the gods of earlier pagan myths.


Fulfilled Prophecy

Would the Real Bethlehem please stand up? (Prophesy fulfilled by Jesus’ Birth)
Jesus is said to have fulfilled many Old Testament prophecies, but how can we be sure? Isn’t it possible that the Old Testament text was changed to look like Jesus fulfilled ancient prophecies? Couldn’t Jesus have also read the O.T. prophecies and sought out to fulfill them? In this talk we will look at how we can know that Jesus fulfilled prophecies about his birth place that predated his actual birth.

Rich Man’s Tomb (Prophesy fulfilled by Jesus’ Death)
Jesus is said to have fulfilled many Old Testament prophecies, but how can we be sure? Isn’t it possible that the Old Testament text was changed to look like Jesus fulfilled ancient prophecies? Couldn’t Jesus have also read the O.T. prophecies and sought out to fulfill them? In this talk we will look at how we can know that Jesus fulfilled a prophecy about his burial place that predated his actual death.


Validity of Scripture

Did Eyewitnesses Write the New Testament?
How can we know that the New Testament books provide a reliable account of Jesus and his message? Could it be that the New Testament books were later developed legends about Jesus? In this talk, we will look at internal evidence that the New Testament was writing by eyewitnesses of Jesus and his ministry. We will see that these accounts could not be fictional because of some very unique evidence.

Archeology that reinforces the Dating of the Old Testament
Some Old Testament stories sound so bizarre that it is easy for us to dismiss them as folklore or myth. However, some of the most bizarre details actually help us to date the Old Testament to a specific time in history. These bizarre details, when compared with archeology, give us amazing evidence that the Old Testament is historically accurate.

Has God Preserved His Word?
How can we know that what we have in the New Testament is what the Apostles actually wrote. Couldn’t the text have been changed or lost over time? How accurate are our Bibles? In this talk, we will look at the manuscript evidence of the New Testament and prove that our text is 99% accurate with what the original New Testament writings say.

Are There Contradictions in Scripture?
Many believe that the Bible is full of Contradictions. How should Christians respond to this common objection to Christianity? In this talk, we will establish some basic rules for evaluating supposed contradictions in Scripture. Then, we will look at some of the most popular supposed contradictions to see if we can reconcile them.


Difficult Sayings of Jesus

Don’t Bury Your Dad: Did He Just Say That?
Jesus says some weird stuff in the Gospels. In Matthew 8 a man wants to follow Jesus, but ask permission to bury his father first. Jesus’ response is jaw dropping. He says, “Follow me, and leave the dead to bury their own dead”.  What? Is Jesus so demanding that he would not allow this man to honor his father by giving him a proper burial? In this talk, we will look into this passage and see that there is a crucial culture factor need for properly interpreting what Jesus is saying.


Ethical Issues

Biology Mythology (Transgender)
Is it possible for a person to transcend their biology? Can we create our own reality? Is it possible for a woman to be trapped inside a man’s body? These ideas are prevalent in our culture, and as Christians, we need to have biblical answers to the transgender movement. In this talk we will look at 6 “myths” surrounding this topic and how we can respond in a biblical way.

What Scripture Says About Homosexuality
In our culture, and sadly within the church, there is confusion over what Scripture says about homosexuality. In this talk we will look at the biblical passages that discuss homosexuality, and also look to God’s design for sexual relationships within marriage.

Why Scripture Condemns Homosexuality
The biblical passages on homosexuality clearly condemn its practice, but why? Why is God against two consenting adults entering into homosexual behavior? Is God trying to ruin people’s lives or not let them exhibit their feelings toward those they love? In this talk we will look at the reason God condemns homosexual behavior and in the process learn that God has our best interest in mind. 

Prolife Apologetics
When does human life begin? Is there a difference between a human being and a human person? Is abortion murder? In this talk we will look at the issue of abortion. We will look at common justifications given for abortion and how we should respond. Scientifically and philosophically, all of the evidence for a Pro-Life position is on our side, we just need to know how to communicate it.



Is God a Moral Monster?
Genocide, plagues, slavery, misogyny, mass killings. Many believe that the God of the Old Testament is a vindictive bully who enjoys inflicting pain and suffering on human beings. This belief has led many to question the goodness of God and to abandon Christianity altogether. Is God a moral monster? This is the question that we will address in this talk. We will look at the issues of genocide, slavery, and treatment of women specifically, as we seek to understand how the God of the Old Testament harmonizes with the teachings of Jesus.

The Trinity
Most cults and false religions deny that God exists as a trinity. The word “trinity” is found nowhere in the Bible, so how do we know that the concept is true? In this talk, we will investigate Scripture and see that it clearly teaches the doctrine of the trinity. We can know what the trinity is and point out great evidence for believing in this doctrine.

What Is Evil and Where Did It Come From?
Evil has harmed all of us, but where did it come from. What exactly is evil and why is it so prevalent? In this talk, we will answer these questions and offer important insights about evil from a Christian perspective.
Why Does God Allow Evil?
If God is all loving and all powerful, why does evil exist? Does he care about our hurts, tragedies, and heartache? Many believe that God cannot exist, because if he did, evil would not persist. In this talk we will look at the reasons God allows evil to persist, what he is doing through it, and how he is bringing it to an end.

Why Hell?
Eternal punishment in Hell may be the most difficult teaching in the Bible. It seems unfair, unloving, and unlike the God of Scripture. Why would an all-loving God send people to an eternity of torment? This has led many people to abandon the teachings of the Bible, and to deconstruct their beliefs on Hell. But is there a way to maintain that God is all-loving and that Hell is also a reality? In this talk, we will seek answers to this question and wrestle with the emotional problem of Hell.



Mormonism 101
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is among one of the biggest cults in the world. Lately, the LDS Church has been claiming to be Christians and seeking to show the commonalities between Mormonism and Christianity. In this talk, we will investigate LDS history and theology to gain an understand of Mormon origins and beliefs. We will then contrast these beliefs with classical Christianity to see the differences.

Mormonism Witnessing Techniques
Sometimes it is difficult to share our beliefs with our Mormon friends and family. So much of what they believe sounds similar to Christian theology that explaining the true Gospel to them can be hard. In this talk you will be equipped with four witnessing techniques to use with your LDS friends. These easy to learn techniques will prepare you to have confidence and compassion for your next encounter with a Mormon.



Evaluating Worldviews
We are surrounded by people who have a completely different view of reality. If we want to be effective Ambassador’s for our Lord, then we need to learn how to evaluate the worldviews of those we want to reach with the Gospel. In this talk you will learn what a worldview is, the questions that every worldview needs to answer, how to evaluate a worldview, and the role apologetics play in discovering reality.