Wisconsin Vacation (August 6, 2013)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: Wisconsin Vacation (00:00:00)
Commentary: "Having It All" Means No Baby? (01:00:11)
Commentary: Unitarians Have No Heresy (02:00:11)

1. Is postmodernism dead? (00:21:14)
2. What if God didn't choose me? (00:37:05)
3. Can we determine the Biblical authors' intent? (00:50:29)
4. How would you respond to a family member who is homosexual and getting married? (01:18:19)
5. Black Hebrew Israelites theology is deceptive. (01:45:22)
6. Redefining marriage (02:05:23)
7. Can we say "God is good" objectively or only subjectively? (02:22:55)
8. Will God save sincere believers if they aren't predestined? (02:29:29)
9. Is there a justification to end a pregnancy? (02:38:57)

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Greg Koukl