Ryan Moore - Cross Examined Instructor Academy (June 2, 2015)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: Vacations Don’t Turn Out the Way You Expect (00:00)
Guest: Ryan Moore - Cross Examined Instructor Academy (01:00)

1. What are the three Trivium steps of learning? (00:16)
2. Help with talking to Jehovah’s Witnesses (00:40)
3. What are the properties of immaterial things? (01:16)
4. When do you cut off a relationship with a family member? (01:38)
5. What are some tactics to begin conversations with Jehovah’s Witnesses? (01:48)
6. How do you defend your view of creation with evolutionists? (02:01)
7. Should he leave negative feedback about unsatisfactory work done by Christian worker or does he have an obligation as a Christian brother not to do that publicly? (02:14)
8. Christian bakers and Christian pharmacists have the freedom to not violate their consciences. (02:23)
9. Should a local church baptize someone in a same-sex marriage? (02:30)
10. Working on an apologetic mnemonic (02:44)
11. Did God create starlight in transit? (02:50)

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