Proof that Color Is Immaterial (August 20, 2013)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: Proof that Color Is Immaterial? - 2 Parts (00:00:00)

1. Is God in Hell since He's omnipresent? (00:44:01)
2. What are the conditions needed for a modern reformation? (01:01:48)
3. What is a Christian response to how hermaphrodites should live? (01:22:36)
4. What kingdoms did Satan show Jesus? (01:38:53)
5. What is appropriate accountability in the local church? (01:47:56)
6. Were Christians who fall away ever really saved? (02:01:39)
7. Does God love the non-elect? (02:19:27)
8. Why do Christians differ so much on how they interpret the Bible? (02:29:09)
9. Does a public school teacher's efforts in a secular setting glorify God? (02:42:49)
10. How should he approach sharing the Gospel with inmates? (02:50:12)

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Greg Koukl