New Prophets and Words from God (March 10, 2015)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: New Prophets and Words from God (00:00)
Commentary: Questioning Salvation (01:00)
Commentary: Truth and Compassion in Action (02:00)

1. New idea defending the deity of Christ (00:19)
2. Should you tithe when you’re in debt? (00:28)
3. Why is inerrancy of the Bible a big deal? (00:36)
4. How does patriotism fit with Christianity? (00:47)
5. How do you know if you have eternal security? (01:20)
6. How can we have free will in Heaven if we don’t have the choice to sin? (01:31)
7. What does John 10:35 mean? (01:46)
8. Can science disprove science? (02:17)
9. How can you be faithful to the Bible and gracious to a homosexual coworker? (02:30)
10. How do you decide the greater good in a moral dilemma? (02:52)

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