Les Miserables (January 7, 2013)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: Les Miserables (00:00:00)
Commentary: Does Science Tell Us Everything Important? (00:27:02)
Commentary: J. Warner Wallace on joining STR (01:56:04)

1. How do Christians make decisions about using electronic media? (00:27:02)
2. Does science answer all the important questions? (00:45:46)
3. Are the meanings of words critically important? (01:22:37)
4. How do we know things through intuition? (01:31:51)
5. How can Christians claim exclusivity when Muslims claim God answers their prayers, too? (01:49:15)
6. How do you deal with difficult people who insult you rather than discuss the issues? (02:18:00)
7. Did Adam have another wife? (02:32:13)
8. Is substance abuse a sin? (02:39:11)

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Greg Koukl