Gosnell Murdered Babies, Not Fetuses (May 14, 2013)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: Gosnell Murdered Babies, Not Fetuses (00:00:00)
1. How do Christians remain engaged in the world without becoming like the world? (00:25:33)
2. Was there animal death before the Fall? (00:46:17)
3. What do you think of the Alpha Course? (01:03:21)
4. What does Isaiah 65 mean by a new Heaven and new Earth? (01:10:50)
5. Explain the theological and biblical shift from Judaism to Christianity. (01:20:00)
6. Could the Gosnell case shift the tide for the pro-life movement? (01:41;47)
7. Is forgiveness conditional? (02:06:35)
8. What scientific conclusions can we draw from Genesis 1? (02:21:59)
9. Does Genesis 4:6-7 teach libertarian freedom to choose God? (02:27:11)
10. Do you think women pastors are biblical? (02:36:26)
11. What's the next step for training after Tactics? (02:46:25)
12. How do you answer when someone says the slipper-slope of same-sex marriage doesn't bother them? (02:54:58)

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