French Former Atheist Naturalist becomes Christian (November 26, 2013)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: French Former Atheist Naturalist become Christian (00:00)
Commentary: Can You Challenge an Atheist? (01:00)
Commentary: Deciding Where to God with Ministry (02:00)

1. What about Seventh Day Adventism? (01:27)
2. Does God determine the time and place of our birth? (01:40)
3. What is the timeline of the creation of man? (01:54)
4. Is planning for retirement contrary to Matthew 6:26? (01:23)
5. Do you think determinism is true? (01:32)
6. If Jesus died for everyone, is everyone going to Heaven? (01:45)
7. Did Jesus have a body before His birth? (02:20)
8. Why is homosexual desire wrong? (02:36)
9. Does infant baptism give false sense of security of salvation? (02:53)

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