Facing Danger (November 12, 2013)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: Facing Danger (00:00)
Commentary: Lord, Fight for Me (01:00)
Commentary: Do Kids Need Moms and Dads? (02:00)

1. Did demons possess people in order to escape from Hell? (00:22)
2. Can we repent after death? Is annihilationism a biblical idea? (00:26)
3. Do you think governments should employ a non-aggression principle? (00:39)
4. Should a Christian work in a bar? (00:48)
5. Is it a good idea for a layperson to get a ministerial license in order to perform a wedding ceremony? (00:51)
6. How do you respond tactically to a bad idea that has emotional power? (01:17)
7. How is it best to help homeless people on the street? (01:41)
8. Is the old earth view nearly heretical? (02:10)
9. Will we have the ability to sin in Heaven? (02:26)
10. Did Jesus lose His divine nature on the cross? (02:37)
11. Are evolution deniers hanging their hope on bad science? (02:46)

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