Advice for Christian Students Starting College (September 3, 2013)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: Advice for Christian Students Starting College (00:00:00)
Commentary: Led by the Spirit? (01:00:12)
Commentary: Why Me? Why Not Me. (02:00:11)
Commentary: Avoiding the Conclusions (02:29:21)
Commentary: The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (02:43:07)
Commentary: Implications of Making Abortion Illegal (02:49:17)

1. Was Peter the first Pope? (00:23:27)
2. Why did God create humans knowing He'd have to punish them? (00:48:44)
3. How do we determine God's opinion of amoral questions? (01:22:11)
4. Is homosexuality a protected class? (01:42:32)
5. What are the implications for non-biblical unions when people become Christians? (02:19:11)

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Greg Koukl