Introducing Become an Ambassador Wallpaper Downloads

First Corinthians tells us we’re ambassadors for Christ, and at STR, we try to build up this role all Christians fill by pointing to some qualities ambassadors should exhibit. Greg wrote the Ambassador’s Creed about those traits. It’s a lifelong learning experience to be a good ambassador for God’s Kingdom.

To encourage you to keep growing as an ambassador, we’re excited to announce that over the next year we’ll be releasing a digital wallpaper download each month highlighting an attribute that makes us good ambassadors. Each image will keep an attribute front and center for you for a month—on your mobile device or computer screen.

The first wallpaper features humility. In addition, you’ll find a list of articles below to help you think about what it means to BE HUMBLE as an ambassador and as a Christian.

Look for blog posts like this each month to download the next wallpaper to collect them all.  

Click below to download your image.

Mobile Devices:



Computer Devices:

Most common 1366 x 768

Medium 1440 x 900

Large 1920 x 1080

Largest 5100 x 3304

Be Humble Articles:

I Know I'm Wrong

Humility Is Needed to See Jesus

Use Your Knowledge to Serve Others, Not Judge Them

Why Christians Don't Seek to Avenge Insults against God

The Humility of a King

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