Ambassador Wallpaper Download: Be Honest

First Corinthians tells us we’re ambassadors for Christ, and Greg wrote the Ambassador’s Creed to help us adhere to the traits essential to being a good ambassador. To encourage you to keep growing in the right direction, over the next year we’ll be releasing a digital wallpaper download each month highlighting an attribute that makes us good ambassadors. Each image will keep an attribute front and center for you for a month—on your mobile device or computer screen.

Last month’s quality was humility, and this month we’re featuring honesty. From the Ambassador’s Creed:


An Ambassador is careful with the facts and will not misrepresent another’s view, overstate his own case, or understate the demands of the Gospel.

In addition, you’ll find articles below to help you think about what it means to BE HONEST as an ambassador.

Look for blog posts like this each month to download the next wallpaper to collect them all.  

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Be Honest Articles:

Just the Facts, Ma’am

People Believe What They Want

A Gospel without Final Judgment Is Not the Gospel

The Apology to the LGBT Community That Needs an Apology

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