Should Christians Try to Influence the Culture? (August 26, 2014)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: Should Christians Try to Influence the Culture? (00:00)
Commentary: Facts about Jesus’ Death and Resurrection (01:00)
Commentary: Advice to College Students (02:00)

1. If birth control has an abortifacient function, is it up to a Christian’s conscience whether or not to use it? (00:26)
1. Are there modern parallels to Old Testament judgment? (00:42)
3. What do you think of the ethical concerns about the ALS bucket challenge? (01:23)
4. If something is unclean, are they automatically evil? (01:43)
5. oes objective morality have to be independent of God? (02:17)
6. How best to persuade a youth leader to teach apologetics? (02:39)
7. What do you think of Zane Hodges’s theology? (02:49)

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