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Why Should You Take a Closer Look at Islam?

Author Alan Shlemon Published on 08/07/2018

In 2 Corinthians 5:18–20, the apostle Paul answers a key question that many Christians ask at some point: What’s God’s will for my life? First, he says we are ambassadors for Christ. We represent Jesus to others. That’s our identity. Second, Paul tells us our mission: to proclaim the message of reconciliation.

If that’s our identity and that’s our mission, how do we fulfill that role when it comes to Islam? I submit the answer is exactly the same way ambassadors fulfill their role. Political ambassadors typically do two things: learn and engage. They learn about the people they are going to visit, and then they engage those people. Ambassadors for Christ should do the same. We need to learn about Islam and then engage Muslims.

The challenge that many Christians face, though, is that they don’t know much about Islam, and even when they think they do, they’re often misinformed. This can lead to unhelpful stereotypes, prejudice, fear, or syncretism. That’s why I’ve created a tool to equip ambassadors for Christ who are ready to heed the call to learn about Islam and engage Muslims. It’s a DVD or downloadable HD resource called A Closer Look at Islam (see a trailer below).

My goal in this resource is to provide believers with an accessible introduction to the most important elements of the Islamic faith. That way they can draw upon this knowledge of Islam to more carefully craft their message when they meet Muslims.

I also wanted to combine this knowledge with practical tactics. For example, I show believers how they can determine which beliefs and practices are truly Islamic and which are not. Also, I explain how to respond to the most common objection that Muslims raise: The Bible has been corrupted.

A Closer Look at Islam will help you better understand, love, and reach out to your Muslim neighbor.