Spiritual Warfare: Truth Encounters

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Published on 05/15/2011

Greg talks about spiritual warfare: truth encounters, sincerity has nothing to do with truth, then takes calls on if charismatic gifts are for today, moral relativism versus moral realism, if apostles and prophets still exist today, and more.


  • Commentary: Spiritual Warfare: Truth Encounters
  • Commentary: Sincerity has Nothing to do With Truth
  • Are charismatic gifts for today?
  • Moral relativism versus moral realism.
  • Do apostles and prophets still exist today?
  • Salvation is a process, not an event.
  • What is spiritual death?
  • Can there be sin without the law?
  • Is Word of Faith theology heretical or heterodox?
  • What is the process of spiritual rebirth?
  • What do you make of Harold Camping’s claims? What do you think of rapture theology?
  • Christians misunderstand the Old Testament.
  • Are some sins more serious than others?