Author Alan Shlemon
Published on 09/23/2019
Christian Living

Let Jesus Take the Heat

Alan encourages Christians to point to Jesus when their biblical views are challenged as politically incorrect.


Today’s apologetics tip of the day is: Let Jesus take the heat. Whenever you’re nervous about sharing a politically incorrect view about your faith, put the blame on Jesus. After all, in most cases, He’s the one responsible for your view anyway.

For example, if you’re asked whether there’s only one way to Heaven, let Jesus take the heat. Tell them that it’s Jesus who said in John 14:6 that He is the only way, and that no one comes to the Father except through Him.

Or, if they ask your opinion on homosexuality, tell them that it’s Jesus in Matthew 19:4–6 who said it’s about one man with one woman becoming one flesh for one lifetime.

In these cases and others, you can remind them that since you’re a disciple of Jesus, you have no choice but to adopt His view. You didn’t make this up, Jesus did. So let Him take the heat for your views. That’s your apologetics tip of the day.