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Keep the Culture from Changing You

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Published on 04/30/2021

Greg talks about how you may not be able to change the culture, but you can keep the culture from changing you, then he answers questions about role-playing games, an employer prohibiting talk about religion, calling out false teachers without reviling, and more.  


  • Commentary: Keep the culture from changing you. (00:00)
  • What are your thoughts on Christians playing role-playing games (particularly, Dungeons & Dragons)? (24:00)
  • How can I tell when I’ve moved from making an argument informed by the Christian worldview to merely arguing for a political preference? (31:00)
  • If, as a cosmetologist, the salon I work for doesn’t want us to talk about religion or politics, is that an infringement of my freedom of speech? (41:00)
  • How can I call out false teachers in love without reviling? (48:00)
  • What’s your biblical advice on raising a family in California versus moving? (52:00)

Mentioned on the Show

  • Reality Student Apologetics Conference – September 24–25 in Orange County, CA; October 15–16 in Seattle, WA; November 12–13 in Minneapolis, MN; February 25–26, 2022 in Dallas, TX; April 22–23, 2022 in Augusta, GA

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