A Second Grade Pro-life Lesson

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Published on 07/26/2009

Greg talks about if the Bible is absolutely true, a second grade pro-life lesson, then takes calls on a challenge to Sola Scriptura, how Adam’s sin is imputed to us, Bart Ehrman’s challenge to the resurrection, and more.


  • Commentary: Is the Bible Absolutely True?
  • Commentary: A Second Grade Pro-Life Lesson
  • A challenge to Sola Scriptura.
  • How Adam’s sin is imputed to us.
  • Bart Ehrman’s challenge to the resurrection.
  • Definitions in Logic.
  • What about those who’ve never heard the Gospel?
  • Corrections from a former witch.
  • How to discuss rights and same-sex marriage.
  • Category mistakes.
  • How to reconcile an apparent contradiction.
  • Extreme sexual mores.