Why Do Christians Care More about Same-Sex Marriage than Divorce?

Regarding public policy, Greg explains why many Christians are currently more focused on same-sex marriage than other sins.


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Why aren't Christians more concerned with public policy issues pertaining to divorce and remarriage then they are with same-sex marriage? After all, divorce and remarriage in many cases is sinful, so why aren't we stepping up and making a beef about that with regards to public policy in the same way that we're beefing about same-sex marriage? 

This is easy to answer. There are no public policy issues on the table pertaining to divorce and remarriage. Remember, public policy is when the government is passing legislation that pertains to that particular thing. There is public policy pertaining to same-sex marriage, and that is something being forced on us. 

Followers of Christ who hold to a biblical view are in a defensive position here. It is very easy to make it seem like we’re out there going after people we should be leaving them alone with a live-and-let-live attitude, but we're not doing that. They're coming after us. They're the ones who don't have a live-and-let-live attitude. They're the ones who want to change the foundational policy that has not only been characteristic of our government but every civilization since the beginning of time regarding marriage. 

There's a reason for that. It isn’t because the Bible says it, it's because reality is structured a certain way that long-term monogamous heterosexual unions, as a rule, as a group, and by nature produce the next generation. This is why the culture is concerned about protecting, privileging, and regulating that unique kind of relationship. Other relationships as a rule, as a group, and by nature don't accomplish that.

Because of the unique role in that relationship, we have a foundation stone of civilization that is now being eroded. It seems really clear that when you start hacking away at the foundation, no good is going to result from it. So, it is right for people of all principles regardless of their religious convictions to push back on this issue? 

Notice I said it's not my religious conviction; it's based on the way reality is structured. My religious convictions help explain why reality is the way it is, but it isn't the foundation in the public square of my objection. I can make an external argument against same-sex marriage.

Once again, we ought to be concerned with any policy issue that undermines this vital foundation for civilization, this central relationship – marriage and family – that God Himself has ordained. Right now, there's only one policy issue on deck, and that is the one regarding same-sex marriage. In this regard, we are in a defensive posture, and it is appropriate for us to push back as the foundation of civilization really is being undermined. That’s appropriate. That's what we ought to do. That is loving God, and it's also loving our neighbor.

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Greg Koukl