What Is the Christian's Role in Caring for Creation?

Tim explains how caring for creation and loving people are intertwined. 


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What is the Christian’s role in caring for creation? Is there a role? I think there is.

First of all, I think that the Bible commands us to care for creation. In Genesis 1 and 2, God commands Adam and Eve to keep and work the earth. In Chapter 1, Adam and Eve have dominion over the earth. Some distort that to mean we can violate the earth, that we should subdue it, and that we can abuse it. I think what God is commanding is for us to take control, or have authority, over the earth for His glory and for the good of humanity.

The second thing is that God created the earth, He called it good, He cares about the earth, and so should we. We should care about the things that God cares about.

The third and most important reason why we should care for creation comes from the command from Jesus to love your neighbor as yourself. Love your neighbor, care about your children, and your children's children, and so on. So the reason we care about things like clean water is because we care about humanity.

The motivation changes. Non-Christians are motivated to care for the earth for certain reasons. Christians are motivated to care for the earth primarily because we care about human beings, and we want to eliminate suffering, especially eternal suffering. So, it's not that we care about “Mother Earth.” It's that we care about people.

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Tim Barnett