What Is Sexual Atheism, and Why Is It Wrong?

Many Christians handle sexuality just like the rest of the world handles it - as if there are no standards. Alan explains why this is a problem for those who profess to be Christ-followers. 


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I was recently asked to explain what's wrong with sexual atheism. We first have to answer what sexual atheism is. The answer is simple: Sexual atheism treats sexuality as if there is no God. In other words, when a person decides how to behave, morally speaking, with regard to their own sexuality, they're going to decide in the same way that an atheist does. An atheist doesn't believe there's a God. Therefore, there is no God out there to inform their own moral behavior. The Christian acts in the same way that an atheist does. They say, with regards to my sexual behavior, I'm going to assume there's no God, and I'm going to engage in sex outside of marriage.

Recently, there was a study done by christianmingle.com where they surveyed a number of eighteen to fifty nine-year-olds. They asked them a question: Would you engage in sex outside of marriage? Surprisingly, about %63 responded, yes, we would engage in sex outside of marriage. That's what sexual atheism is. It’s Christians engaging in sex outside of marriage and saying, we don't care what the Bible says, and we’re just going to act as if there is no God who informs our moral decisions.

I suppose it’s pretty obvious as to why a Bible-believing Christian with think that such and action like sexual atheism is wrong. The reason is because there actually is a God and that God does inform our moral behaviors. After all, God created us. He's given us an owner’s manual, if you will, in order to guide how we're supposed to use our bodies. When it comes to our sexuality, which is a key component of who we are, we’re supposed to abide by what scripture says.  Jesus even says, “If you love me, you'll obey my commands.” Part of what Jesus outlines in the New Testament clearly teaches that engaging in sex outside of a one-man one-woman marriage is immoral.

Alan Shlemon