Sow Your Seed Recklessly

Greg discussion the parable of the sower and its application to our lives as ambassadors of Christ.

A number of years ago, I was sitting on a small commuter flight in Northern California between two smaller cities. I was reading something, and I heard a voice over my shoulder. The voice said, “What are you reading?” It was a woman that had been looking at what I was doing and wondered about the content. I was lost in my study. I told her what it was, and she was interested, so I wrote down the title and a couple of other titles on the back of business card, and I gave it to her. That was the end of it, or so I thought.

I went back to my study, and that was it until three weeks later when this woman actually showed up at my church - titles in hand - heading for the bookstore to buy those books. Two weeks later, she became a Christian.

In the New Testament, when the sowers went out to scatter the seed, they didn’t sow in neat rows like we do. They would just go out in the field and scatter, and the seeds landed all these different places. They don't know what seed is going to take root. They're scattering their seed recklessly, and ultimately, it's the ground that determines whether the seed is going to take root or not.

In the same way, I never know if a little gesture that I make is going to make a difference. I never know what word that I speak is going to influence somebody. Sometimes, it might be somebody's listening on the sidelines. That seed that I toss out here gets blown by the wind somewhere else and takes root.

The parable of the sower has taught me not to prejudge my audience, but rather to go out and to faithfully sow wherever I have opportunity. Let the seed land where it will, taken by the wind of the Spirit. Let God make the difference. That's the parable of the sower, and that's certainly what happened with that woman on that plane that I didn't even know was listening very carefully. God used the small seed that I had tossed into the wind, and it bore fruit for eternal life.

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Greg Koukl