Is It Possible That Mormonism Is True?

Brett discusses whether or not Mormonism could be true.


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I recently received a text message from a friend who has been engaging with Mormon missionaries. He said the missionary asked him, “Is it possible that Mormonism could be true?” He replied, “Yes, I think it's possible, but I don't I really think it is true.” He asked me how I would respond in that situation.

I would say the same thing. Yes, it's possible that Mormonism is true. I would want to communicate open-mindedness to the truth because I want the Mormon missionary to have that same open-mindedness to the truth. Eventually, I'm going to get to the point where I show them we have contradictory truth claims that can't both be right. 

I would also ask them the question, “How would you know something's true?” Do an epistemological investigation. How we can know things? How do we come to know the truth? If you're in the university classroom, and the professor is talking about history, how would you know his historical claims are true or not? How do we know scientific claims are true? How do I know that when my wife tells me she's not cheating on me that that's true?

I'm trying to help them reflect on their own epistemology because, when it comes down to determining whether or not Mormonism is true, they're going to fall back on the testimony, the burning in the bosom experience with God, to be the ultimate confirmation for whether not Mormonism is true. I want to question that. I want to open them up to other ways of knowing whether or not their claims about Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon are true or not.

I would get them to think about how they know what is true and ultimately help them see the inconsistencies between how they know Mormon true and all these other ways that they know other things to be true. 

Eventually, point them to all the ways that God has given us to know truth, whether it's through reason, evidence, or revelation in the in in the Word of God. All these things are going to help us determine, ultimately, that Mormonism is actually false.

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Brett Kunkle