How Do You Make a Biblical Case for the Trinity?

Brett explains how to make a biblical case for the Trinity.

Let me give you a three-step process for making a Biblical case for the Trinity. Number one, start with the very clear passages that suggest that there’s only one God. That’s the foundation. The Bible clearly teaches again and again that there’s only one God in Deuteronomy 6:4, Isaiah 43:10, Isaiah 44:6&8, John 17:3, and more. 

Clearly, the Old and New Testament teach that there’s only one God. There’s the “oneness” part of the Trinity. 

The next step would be looking at the distinction between the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. The baptism of Jesus in Matthew 3 is a great example that distinguishes the Father, who’s speaking from Heaven, the Holy Spirit, who’s coming down in the form of a dove, and Jesus, who is being baptized. Clearly, they are distinct persons. That would be the second step. 

The third step would be demonstrating that each one of these distinct persons is actually divine. We would look at things like the deity of Christ and passages like John 1:1 or John 10:30 where Jesus says that the Father and I are one. You have these clear passages that demonstrate that Jesus is divine. 

Look at passages on the Holy Spirit. Acts chapter 5 writes that lying to the Holy Spirit is equated with lying to God. These arguments demonstrate that each person is a divine person. You have one God, and those three distinct persons are divine. 

The conclusion is the Trinity. The three divine persons are together one God. That is one way we can make a biblical argument for the Trinity.


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