Does God Owe His Creation Anything?

Greg answers the questions, "Does God owe His creation anything? Do parents owe their children anything?"



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Does God owe His creation anything? Do parents owe their children anything? There seems to be a parallel between God’s relationship to His creation and a parent’s relationship to their children. In one sense there is. God creates everything and parents create children. Parents do have an obligation to their children, so it seems that God would have an obligation to His creation. 

I think that parallel is a mistake, however, because the two scenarios do not have the same moral obligations. God is not obliged to anyone. He is a morally perfect being, and His actions flow from His moral perfections. He doesn’t have laws to obey. Human beings are under God, and in virtue of His moral perfections, God communicates duties that relate to His perfections and role as King of the Universe. There are times when we have an obligation to God, but God does not have an obligation to us.

Parents are different. Parent’s are under the authority of God. Therefore, they do have duties and obligations. Parents owe their children things that are appropriate to the role of being a parent in that child’s life. These duties and obligations are not sustained with regards to God because the natures of the relationship and the beings are different. 

God didn’t have to save anybody. He has no obligation to forgive and show mercy. The angels fell. There was no plan of salvation for them. When God offers forgiveness to us, He goes above and beyond. When God does something merciful, it is a pure expression of overflowing grace that comes from His nature. God does what He likes when He wants under no obligation, and everything He does flows naturally from His perfect character, therefore, everything He does is good. 

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Greg Koukl