Challenge Response: God Is Worse than Hitler

Here's my response to this week's challenge:


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This week's challenge: Is God worse than Hitler? You have to read the details of this challenge, but there are three things I want to say in response. 

Number one, the issue was brought up that Hitler causes great harm and kills people temporally, and God is involved in eternally punishing people. I would say that the heinousness of a crime is not determined by its duration or the duration of the punishment. God is seen as worse because He's not just punishing for a short period time, He's doing this for everlasting life. The question is: What's the nature of the crime? That's the issue here.

Secondly, of course we would say Hitler was not justified in doing what he did - targeting an ethnicity to wipe them out. That's morally wrong. But God doesn't do that. God is not involved in genocide. God is not targeting people just to wipe them out because He doesn't like their ethnicity. God offers a consequence to the seriousness of sin. There's a consequence for our moral crimes, so the analogy doesn't fit. 

The challenger says that God is sending good people to everlasting punishment. The question would be: What is good? What standard of goodness are you using? If you say Hitler's actions are bad, you are implying some moral standard by which you're judging Hitler's actions. Where does that standard come from? What standard are you using to judge the actions of good people? How do you determine that they're good? Where's your standard?

I think this is going to be problematic for the person who doesn't have God as their standard for morality. If God is our standard, what’s that standard like? That standard is a holy or perfect standard. God is morally perfect. When that standard is used, do people look so good? Certainly if I compare myself to Hitler, I can look pretty good. If I compare myself to a morally perfect being like God, I don't look so good. That’s why it says our good deeds are like filthy rags. If we use the standard of God and His character, then no one is good. God is not sending good people to Hell.

My third response would deal with the questioning of credible evidence. “God sends people to Hell because they don't believe something for which there is no credible evidence.” Here’s my question for the person who raises this: What would you consider to be credible evidence? There are many, many people who think that we have credible evidence and that the evidence suggests that God is real and that Christianity is true. This challenger would need to unpack what they mean by “no credible evidence.” I would say there is credible evidence. 

Those are the three key issues I see in answering this challenge.

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